BUNDLE 2-for-1 Cassette & Premium

$ 90.00 $ 45.00

  • CAD: $ 59.08

Bundle – Cassette + Premium together!

ON SALE – 50% OFF ($90 value)

* The Cassette (Black) Battery gives you access to our unlimited exchange program. The Premium (White) Battery is our most powerful and perfect companion for travel and heavy-duty power needs! No adapters required.

Both batteries come equipped with on-board Micro USB and Lightning cables for ease of use and less to carry. Additional built-in USB ports are available, allowing you to charge additional devices.

Compatible with Android, iPhone, USB Type-C and anything requiring a USB cable.

Both can be recharged hundreds of times with Micro USB cable, included with purchase.

Bundle Includes:

  • One Premium Battery with onboard USB Type C and Lightning cables as well as 2 standard USB ports for extra charging. Packaged w/ USB re-charging wire. (10,000mAh , $60 value)

  • One Cassette Battery comes with onboard Micro USB and Lightning cables and 1 extra standard USB port. (4,000mAh, $30 value)

    BONUS* The Cassette Battery allows you access to our festival exchange program- Keep the exchange going at any festival on our calendar!


*Please allow extra shipping time due to USPS delays during COVID-19. We appreciate your business.