Behold! Our slim Cassette battery, complete with two wire cables
(one for iPhone, one micro-USB) built in and ready to use!

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q: will the battery work with my android? How about iphone?

A: Yes, our batteries are iPhone and Android compatible, and we also carry USB-C adapters.

Q: Do I need my cord and/or brick?

A: Nope! The Cassette battery comes with a built in cord to plug directly into your phone.

Q: Is the battery already charged?

A: Yes, the battery comes fully charged upon purchase, with about 1.5-2 charging cycles, depending on phone usage.

Q: Can I charge more than one phone at a time?

A: If you have one iPhone and one Android, the Cassette battery can charge both at the same time. It will not charge two of the same type of phone at once.

Q: How long will the battery last?

A: The Cassette battery comes with about 1.5-2 charging cycles, and can be recharged approximately 500 times.

Q: What happens when I run out of charge at the festival?

A: Simply return your Cassette battery to the Electric Standard Co. station, and exchange it for a freshly charged battery.

Q: Are exchanges free of charge? How many can I have?

A: Exchanges are unlimited and free of charge after initial battery purchase for the entire festival weekend.

Q: Is it mine to keep?

A: Yes, the Cassette battery is yours to keep once the festival is over! It can be recharged in the wall with a standard micro USB cord.

Q: What is the cassette battery's capacity?

A:  4,000mAh

Q: how lightweight is it?

A: Our sleekest design, the Cassette battery is extremely slim and lightweight. Weighing just 92 grams, it can fit comfortably in your pocket, backpack, or purse.

Q: What is purchasing a cassette battery really saving me ?

A: We believe that TIME = POWER. Don't go powerless worrying about a low battery or possibly dead phone. We know how important it is to stay connected and safe.  

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